I have a lot to say about this year and most of it is quite depressing really; I don’t mean for it to be a sob story, but it’s all to let you know what happened this year.

So first thing that was major for me was a lot of health issues in February. I had so much stress that one morning I couldn’t open my mouth and the more I tried the more it closed. I had clenched so hard that it damaged my jaw and upper teeth and it gave me a severe sinus infection, but it was different that any one I’d had before. My teeth are sensitive and I can no longer bite down like before, and this lead to a question of why this happened and it was because my blood pressure was too high. My doctor noticed that in my last few visits my blood pressure was dangerously high, and it was because my mother had high blood pressure so I had it too. I documented my blood pressure for a few months and I was started on blood pressure medicine and cholesterol medicine immediately, and it’s obvious to me I’ll have to take blood pressure medicine the rest of my life.

The second thing that effected me this year was the loss of my granddad. In July of this year he was getting worse and I took off a few days to visit him the week before, and my second to last visit he didn’t recognize me and it was very painful that he didn’t know who I was. The last day I saw him he couldn’t move or speak, and he opened his eyes and looked at me when I held his hand and I don’t know and never will know if he knew it was me, and that was the last time I saw him.

He was 92 years old, he fought in World War 2, he was there on D-Day at Normandy, and the Battle of the Bulge. He never told me much about the war until he was in his 80’s. He told me about how he and his group were pinned down at a German chocolate factory for 3 days and they ate chocolate for 3 days and after that he never ate chocolate again in his life. He told me how he rescued a fellow solider and how that solider was sent home and he and his father died in a car crash on their way home from the airport. He even told me about how he had to sneak up behind a German solider and slit his throat and kept the shoulder badge from him. When he told me that one it was more disturbing than any thing that Hollywood or video games glorify it…No this was real. He sailed home by heading south past Africa to get back to the United States and how the ride home his boat almost sank as the waves were so high he didn’t know how the boat made it. He was also knighted recently which…just…does not happen to people you know.

After he passed I noticed that I was thinking about him everyday and wondered if it was affecting me and my job as I felt depressed and I started doing things I wouldn’t usually do, like buying things I didn’t really need or going to see a different movie every day and even watching movies I had no interest in seeing.

One last thing that literally happened yesterday morning is a friend of mine I had not seen or talked to in years died in a car crash and he was 24. I don’t know any of the details but I guess the point is this feels like it has been one of the worst years in my life.


Seven Dark Sorcerers has had a…meh year I suppose. Two episodes really confuses me. It feels like I’ve worked harder this year than I have and yet there’s not much to show for it. It didn’t help that Episode 30 crashed twice and I had to start over from backups that weren’t really up to date. That’s one of the reasons why I asked Scoot to make a 3D moon segment that only lasts a few seconds for the episode as I admitted defeat and just needed help. I also did make the Immortality of Daphnes comic which takes a little longer than you’d think.

I can confirm that there are 3 episodes left at this point. I wanted to finish SDS this year, and now I’m going to be dumb and say I hope it is finished next year.

There is one thing about SDS that bothers me a lot. I have to thank everyone that are fans of the show and are interested enough to keep watching, but I suppose I’m greedy, I think the show deserves more views that it’s getting.

I’ll be honest Episode 30, to me, was suppose to be mind blowing. I had set up characters and their motivations, and I left this plot twist at the end that was suppose to be one of those things where people talk about it. Maybe not as much as learning who Darth Vader really is, but the spirit of it was there, and the reactions were……ok. I knew some wouldn’t get it, I knew some would kinda get it, and some would figure it out, but the people that did know the truth had a response of “Oh that’s neat.” Which I expected to be more of a big deal than just “neat.” I don’t know.

You know the next episode is going to be a monster in terms of fight scenes, I dare say it will be the Hyrule Warriors of animations, almost literally, and I feel like I’ll be the saddest person in the universe if it’s met with a lukewarm reaction and only 100 to 200 views. This should appeal to all Zelda fans and there’s more than 200 fans out there. I’m going to try to talk to some people to reach out and expand the audience because this is a massive undertaking and it would be a disservice to not let people know about it.

Wow I wrote a lot. lol. Sorry about that.

I’m going to try to put together a new trailer, and it’ll be spoilerly as well, but this trailer has to hype up this episode to the billionth degree.

I pray to the Lord that 2016 will be a better year…cause it just has to be. As far as my book writing I’m settling on the details and I’ve been analy editing myself to get it perfect. I’ll keep soldering on and try to give SDS a satisfying conclusion.

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