Zelda Seven Dark Sorcerers Episode 30 part 1 by spikerman87 on DeviantArt

The group has gathered together and fully healed, and just when they plan to attack Zant arrives and he’s gone mad! Will they survive his insanity?

I have to apologize again that this episode is very janky. I had to butcher a lot of the effects and remove several entirely to get it below 30MB. Also watching it again it feels like the pacing is a bit rushed but that’s just kind of the nature of this battle.

Zelda Seven Dark Sorcerers Episode 30 part 2 by spikerman87 on DeviantArt

Young Link returns to Young Zelda to mourn his loss, and finally Daphnes must face his greatest opponent to see who will be the victor of the battle of wits.

Holy Cows of cows this episode was painful to make, but we’re finally here. This episode corrupted not once, not twice, but three times and I had to start over from backups that were not up to date, so I technically made this episode a few times over. Despite all that I’m glad we’ve made it near the end.

There’s only one thing I can say and if you’ve been following the show from beginning to now, there’s a plot twist in this episode that I don’t spell out, but I’m hoping you figure it all out on your own.

The Immortality of Daphnes by spikerman87 on DeviantArt

Are you watching closely?

This is kinda my apology for the next episode taking so long. I actually started working on this at the beginning of the year and I’ve been saving it for story purposes. I’m sorry Episode 30 isn’t out yet…still working on that.

This is the last planned comic for Seven Dark Sorcerers. I hope this is a good substitute until the last bits of the story are revealed.

Incase you’re not sure, this story takes place before Tragedy of Eclipso. Hope you enjoy.

Over the past few weeks I’ve been thinking a lot about the structure of Seven Dark Sorcerers and I realized that I had written the last parts to be in an episodic format which was natural because this is an episodic show. However the more I thought about it the more I realized that it does not have to span a few more episodes…I wrote a few of the last episodes to build more development with the characters and to get emotions out of them as they learned of the secrets like the last reveal for example. My birthday was a few days ago and I’ve been struggling a lot on my priorities with my writing or my animating and I cannot do both and put out a great product.

What I’m getting at here is I had said that Dark Sorcerers would end at Episode 35…And I’ve changed that now…It’ll end at Episode 31. “But Spike, how can you do that?” you ask. My reply is it’ll be a special finale episode. It’ll be about as long as two episodes (30 to 40 minutes) and it will take longer than a few months to come out. As you would guess since it’s shorter than 5 put together that means I cut a lot from the finale, and yes I have. The last episode will have most of what Episode 31 was already going be plus tiny bits from 32, 33, 34 and most of 35.

Episode 32 and 33 were the ones that were more dialogue heavy and focused on emotions…well that’s gone. I think at this point there’s no reason for that, and while I did like the moments for the characters that I wrote…I don’t know it just doesn’t feel necessary to me. I know with this change there’s a possibility that some quality will be lost…You know I’m just hoping the end will be well received after all the build up to this point. At first I was thinking of ending after the next episode because I literally can’t do 5 more, but I decided instead to do one last large episode because I really do like this show and it would be a shame if it was left on a cliffhanger.

Sadly it is just time to wrap it all up. I feel that Dark Sorcerers is a fun show, I don’t want to give up on it, I feel like I’ve asked too much of the voice actors who have still gone from 2009 to 2015 voicing all these characters with no pay, and I’m not sure why they have stuck with me and it’s at the point now where I can’t keep asking them to do this for another year or two.

I know you’re probably thinking this is not a good idea, and I understand, and I’ve talked to my friends who watch the show and they told me I rather not do that. I really do think it is time to give the show a great ending, I do really like the ending and it will have some cool fights and a good climax and epilogue. I think the cut segments would make it a little stronger but not by too much. There’s a lot of responsibility on my shoulders and not just for the reasons I’ve had, but the fact that this show will have to stand the test of time. It was never my place to give the internet a serious Zelda animated show, it should have been Nintendo, but this will have to do until they finally make one…….when I’m 60 years old I presume.