I made this music video in 2012 and on youtube it had about 900 views which was not bad, and there were a lot of comments that complimented that they liked it…a lot more comments than I’d usually get. So what does youtube do? They block it worldwide. So with the new bond movie coming up and because I was reminded of it, this is quite literally an exclusive video to this site. Hope you enjoy.

It’s going to be a couple of months before I can release this episode. This is a rough clip of about 2 minutes to give you an idea of what it will be like. This is not the final version of this scene, some of the animation is off so it will look better in the final version.

This is also a test to see if I can finally get a smooth framerate. A consistent 30fps has always been a problem due to so much imagery and movement in a scene at the same time.

There’s no sound effects. I save that for last along with inserting dialouge.

Zelda Seven Dark Sorcerers Episode 30 part 1 by spikerman87 on DeviantArt

The group has gathered together and fully healed, and just when they plan to attack Zant arrives and he’s gone mad! Will they survive his insanity?

I have to apologize again that this episode is very janky. I had to butcher a lot of the effects and remove several entirely to get it below 30MB. Also watching it again it feels like the pacing is a bit rushed but that’s just kind of the nature of this battle.

Zelda Seven Dark Sorcerers Episode 30 part 2 by spikerman87 on DeviantArt

Young Link returns to Young Zelda to mourn his loss, and finally Daphnes must face his greatest opponent to see who will be the victor of the battle of wits.

Holy Cows of cows this episode was painful to make, but we’re finally here. This episode corrupted not once, not twice, but three times and I had to start over from backups that were not up to date, so I technically made this episode a few times over. Despite all that I’m glad we’ve made it near the end.

There’s only one thing I can say and if you’ve been following the show from beginning to now, there’s a plot twist in this episode that I don’t spell out, but I’m hoping you figure it all out on your own.