Feels like I haven’t updated in awhile, so I should probably let you know what’s going on. I went to the doctor about two weeks ago and my doctor told me that she noticed my Blood Pressure had been consistently high most of my visits, and she asked me to document my results for two weeks, so I did, and then she told me that my blood pressure was too high, so she put me on a blood pressure medicine, and I got back a few hours ago from doing an EKG and I had blood drawn to check things like my cholesterol. I’m on a different diet now that consists of turkey and chicken sandwiches. I use to eat fast food everyday for lunch and sometimes dinner, now I have maybe 1 fast food lunch a week. I’m walking a lot more, about a mile a day, and I’m trying really hard to keep myself healthy.

This was a lot for me to take in as I had been very care-free about my lifestyle before…sadly I can’t ignore this stuff anymore. It’s been a very tough few weeks as before this I was having awful sinus pain in my head and teeth and it’s still lingering now and it feels like it’s not going away. So I’ve been sick, health obsessive, just a lot going on right now.

Well obviously I can’t get the episode out this month. When will it come out? I’m not sure. My voice actors have also been sick and busy with work, so the only thing I can do is work on Episode 30 so it can come out sooner.

Thanks for your patience and understanding.

On February 28th I’m going to do a clean up of old user accounts. If you haven’t logged in to zeldalinkedgreen.com in the past year, I’m going to click a button that deletes your account, and if you see this too late then your welcome to create a new account.

The reason for this is I’ve been getting flooded with new users recently and I’m doubtful they’re real accounts. I’m guessing their bots that just register and it just takes up space on the database.

Feel free to log in, post a comment, anything you’d like so the site is more friendly for you.

While I think I knew which one I should start writing, I was curious what the polls would say, and I think it makes sense.

The one I’m going to focus on the most is SpikerMan the movie. The actual title is going to be:

Wrath of Kromatone.

Now here comes the sad part: I cannot post this book online…I absolutely have to publish this for real…as in a real book that you hold in your hands and you use your fingers to turn pages. Now here comes the even sadder part (for me anyways) It cost a lot of money to publish a book…I’ve done a lot of research of what goes into this and it’s not cheap, and it comes out of my pocket, and selling copies in bulk can go from $10,000 to $50,000 to get a book out there…and even sadder…er is there’s no way to know if a profit will be made. I know people may be under the illusion that writing a book will get you rich, but that’s not true, if you fail you’ll be the opposite of rich, so I must take great care when writing and rewriting the first, second, and final drafts.

As far as releasing something, I can probably show a chapter or two, to gain interest, but that’s really it.

Before I worry about cost, bulk, shipping, and design of the book I have to actually write the whole thing out, and I haven’t gotten very far with that yet. In the meantime I’ll probably work in and out on Scerpinder and the Bunny Plight, and of course try to finish up SDS.

I understand that reading a book is not nearly as easy to do as watching a 20 minute animation, but I’d like to emphasize that yes, actual reading is required, but I can assure you it’s not boring, and that applies to all the things I’ve written. If you haven’t I’d ask to give some of them a chance; they all are adventurous/ action packed as the SDS show, and if you’d like you can read some of the stories on http://www.spikerman87.com and other works on my deviant art page.

What should I write next?

The Writing Project
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It’s the new year and I have writing projects waiting in the wing, so I’ve made a list of ones I’ve wanted to do and here’s a brief description of what they are:

SpikerMan The Movie Script

This I think is self explanatory. This is if I were to write SpikerMan into a movie and I have a pretty good idea of what the plot would be. About a year passes after the destruction of the Kromasone planet by the SpikerMan team, the home planet of an evil overlord lizard named Kromatone. Kromatone breaks free of his prison and makes his plans to take revenge on SpikerMan and his team. SpikerMan’s wife Sara has healing abilities that evolve where she can cure cancers and make people immortal. Kromatone chases SpikerMan and his team across the galaxy to obtain Sara’s powers of immortality to preserve his dying race.

Kelvar The Full Novel.

This will probably be the longest one as it is a Novel and it goes from beginning to end of Kelvar’s life as he fights in wars, at one point is blown across the universe and must literally travel 1 billion light years to return home, find love and acceptance towards his friends, and take down some of the greatest evils of the universe. Also Kelvar and the City Angels will be included in this novel.


Enclosure is a bit of a blurry one, but it has an interesting concept of a man wrongfully put in this Science Ficional prison where all the inmates are enclosed in a dome with no light. He makes friends and enemies; he has to learn how to survive with criminals, monsters, and tries to figure a way out of his horrible situation.

The Outlander Fetish

I’ve debated this one for awhile as it’s kinda up in the air, but ah well. A detective and his partner investigate the murder of a man who died while in a love hotel. They discover strange props and practices that him and her partner were using, and an eyewitness says they last saw him with his girlfriend. There’s more to it than this, but I’ll keep it for when the story is written.

Scerpinder and the Bunny Plight

Probably my favorite one of the bunch. Scerpinder is dragged on a mission with the SpikerMan team to protect a planet of alien bunnies, his patience and temper is pushed to the limits as the bunnies know nothing but happiness and cuteness, however while on the planet he discovers a hidden plot that endangers more than just the planet.

Things are winding down for the year so I thought I’d share some of my thoughts about 2014. I’d call this year a pretty good success as we released Episode 26, 27, 28, and finally brought a close to the Tragedy of Eclipso. Also as a bonus…maybe?…I released a new game called Cyber Zelda……… So there was that.

I’m very happy with what we got out, we got to see some epic battles with Rigalo and Onox, and Young Link and Vaati, and one of the moments that was special with Young Link being able to transform again.

I think the main reason I’m writing this is to tell you that I don’t have anything else to really show for the end of the year. I had thought about making a trailer, but it would be a boring trailer as I don’t want any spoilers so…I don’t know.

I’m shooting for Episode 29 to be released sometime in February, and right now progress on the episode isn’t great. I’ll have more motivation in January to get it rolling. Also I’ve concluded there will be 35 episodes total, and I’m hoping maybe next year we’ll get as close as we can to finishing the year with Episode 32.

I also want to tell you that there’s something I really need to be doing instead of the show, and I feel like I made a point to work on it this year and I didn’t… But that has to change because there’s no excuse for me not to get some of my written works published. I have a lot of stories I want to write and writing is difficult, it takes time, and I should have been writing years ago instead of animating……..I’m almost 30 and still making Zelda cartoons. What am I doing? xD I’m kidding.

The secret project I’ve talked about before is looking less and less like a reality, even though it’s something I’m overly obsessed with and too passionate about. I mentioned it would be a collaborative effort, which is a double edged sword, on one hand it would be great if it really happened, on the other it would take so much time it’s unfair to ask others to put their personal projects on hold to help me with it. It would be the same as asking someone to drop everything their doing to not get paid to work on it, which is insane. I’ve thought about Kickstarter and Pateron to pay them for their hard work, but that’s only an option if I’m 100% positive this will be a reality, and it’s more like a 2% chance.

That’s all I have to say. I want to wish everyone a Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year! Thank you for still watching and supporting the show, and I want to thank the voice actors for putting up with me.

Thank you and have a good rest of the year.



After Episode 28, as you might have guessed, Episode 29′s pace will slow down a little. I’m not sure what all I can say about this episode without it being a spoiler, but I’ll try.

I had planned to do a Vlog about my thoughts on Tragedy of Eclipso, but this’ll have to do. A number of you have expressed that you’ve liked Tragedy of Eclipso and said you were confused as to why I called it a “disaster.”…well I think if I described what I wanted in the first place maybe you’d see the differences. On it’s own Tragedy of Eclipso has problems and plot holes that I am  not going to defend because I wrote myself in a corner in many areas.

Yes this is real.

I guess I should say something…Although I’m not sure what exactly.

Well this was a disaster, and I apologize.

If you watched this and thought it wasn’t good I agree. I think after working on this episode for the amount of time that I did, 2 years, I realized before it was too late that this wasn’t what I wanted it to be. This episode was suppose to be a magnum opus, a master piece of all elements, a tragic tale that you were invested in and cared for everyone…And to me it was the opposite of everything I listed. After I finished part 3 I knew that I really hated how this all turned out, and the years went by, and I knew my heart wasn’t in this episode any more. If you watch this entire episode and want to criticize it, I won’t defend it, I have my own list of every single problem it has, and I think it deserves what it gets for being a animation that was in development hell for so many years.

I may be too harsh on myself, I don’t know, I’m not happy with how it turned out, and if you think I’m wrong and you liked it, that’s fine.

In the end I did complete this episode, it was a very bitter feeling, and I wish to never speak of it again.

Zelda Seven Dark Sorcerers Episode28 part 1 by spikerman87 on deviantART

Zelda Seven Dark Sorcerers Episode28 part 2 by spikerman87 on deviantART

**Grab some popcorn. It’s going to take a while to load**

After a long feud between Vaati and Link; Vaati has finally gone too far by killing Zelda. An enraged Link has gone over the edge and transformed into his Dark Form that he hasn’t reached since he was four. Can the child of Dark Link and Marina defeat Vaati? Or will Vaati’s last forms be too much for our hero?

Hope you all enjoy.


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