My plans changed a little. I’m a lot more burned out from creating than I thought. Instead of working on a new comic/animation I’ve been uploading the old Episodes of Seven Dark Sorcerers to youtube again. I was very reluctant at first due to all the copyright problems Youtube is having, however I’ve received a few requests to put the episodes to youtube, so this is my attempt to bring them back. Hopefully they won’t get taken down this time.

The list is not finished, but it will be updated throughout the next few weeks, I’ll post on twitter when a new episode is added to the list.

So before we go straight into Episode 32, I need a bit of a break, so we’re going to have a vote on a SpikerMan comic. This won’t delay the next episode because I don’t have to animate anything with the comic so this is just a bit of fun and something different to work on while I recharge my batteries.

What do you want to see?
  • 62.5% - ( 5 votes )
  • 12.5% - ( 1 vote )
  • 25% - ( 2 votes )
  • 0% - ( 0 votes )

Read more about Marra Eros:

Read more about Omni:

Read more about Bluddtron:

Read more about Gold Skull:

I’m personally leaning towards the Sara vs Marra Eros fight, but don’t let me sway you. If you have something else in mind feel free to let me know.


Alright so that’s out of the way. Let’s talk about Episode 31.

Young Link has been lied to. The mastermind behind the Seven Dark Sorcerers will finally be revealed, and everyone will learn the price of revenge.

First of all this is 52 minutes long. I am both proud and somewhat apologetic, as I didn’t even know it was that long until last night. Length aside, I really hope that this is received well as I worked harder on this episode than a few past ones combined.

Overall I’m happy how this episode turned out, and I do realize it’s flaws, there may be parts that are frustrating regarding the pacing, or moments that are silly, but it doesn’t bother me too much. I think what bothered me most was trying to get a smooth 30fps at 1080p at the very end because there were a lot of technical difficulties; some I had literally never seen before and didn’t think were even possible. I hope you enjoy.
I’d like to thank our new voice actors for lending their voices: Nick Thulhu, BenClemmerVA, and MsAllyCat.

ScootWhookos———–Young Link, Raph
Son —————————–Eclipso
Kiki Rukata ——————Zelda, Young Zelda, Marina, Maria
SpikerMan87—————Link, Dark Link, Rigalo
MsAllyCat——————–Zelda The First
Nick Thulhu—————–Ghirahim