The Seven Dark Sorcerers Aftermath.

So Seven Dark Sorcerers is over (or close to over) and I’ve been getting a lot of questions of what is next and I’ve been answering a few questions multiple times and this page serves to answer those questions. So let’s get started.

Q: What are you’re next projects?

A: I have a few in mind. I’m pretty scatterbrained so here is a list of projects that I will jump from depending on my mood and motivation:

Cyber Zelda
SpikerMan animated series
Game Grumps Animated
Undertale series
Zelda Ocarina of time short
SpikerMan Video Game
SpikerMan Novel


Q: Which one are you going to work on first?/ When will these be released?

A: I have no schedule as to when anything will be released. If I set a date, I wouldn’t make the due date. My projects are ready when they’re ready. For now I’m going to do a little bit of each to see if something picks up popularity. The Game Grumps animations seem to be in the lead. If you want more info on releases then check out my twitter page as I post updates there the most. Also check my youtube channel from time to time as I think not everyone is notified when I have new uploads.


Q: What about Episode 18 – 25? Will you animate them?

A: Nope. Episodes 18-25 I will not animate. Some of the voice actors are no longer around, and even if I did animate it-it would get like 40 views. It’s not worth the effort to me especially when you already know what’s going to happen. The comics serve their purpose, you know how the story progresses, I want to work on other things.


Q: Can I voice act for you?/ Will you have Voice auditions?

A: I’m probably never doing voice auditions again but you can send me a voice demo at┬áThe way this works is I will approach you if I feel I require your assistance. I will say as a side note if I don’t approach you as fast as you like, if you keep asking me then I might not, so please respect my space as I can’t cast spots that don’t exist yet.

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