*This episode has parts that are probably NSFW*

Our heroes have won their battles and wars and now they can finally be together as a family. The young men and women grow up and parents become grandparents in the final episode of Seven Dark Sorcerers.

Well we’ve made it. I’m not sure what all to say. I think that regardless of if this show is looked upon as good or bad, it’s still a pretty remarkable thing. I really like this show, there’s been good and bad that’s come of it, but I am happy and sad that we’ve finally reached the end.

I don’t think I realized how many scenes have censored nudity. Looking back at it now I feel like it should be toned down a little more, my intentions were to have serious moments of closure but I also wanted some comedy so I apologize if I went overboard.

The last thing I want to say is a very big thank you to everyone who……you know…..even bothered to give me a chance. I think that’s something I haven’t thought about much is sometimes I wonder why someone watched my work in the first place. I cannot thank you enough. I hope that you’ll continue to keep an eye on my channel. Even though this show is over, that doesn’t mean I won’t make any thing Zelda related again.

My next thanks goes to all the voice actors and actresses who showed interest in wanting to be apart of the show. If there were no interest then these characters wouldn’t have voices and I know I couldn’t do all the voices myself so I thank you for staying with me on this journey of 8 years. Seriously, some of them kept playing parts to characters for 8 years with no pay, for a fan animated show…that’s crazy to me.

Thank you very much to everyone who continued to watch, who believed in me and encouraged me to keep going cause I think it’s rare for projects like this to find completion.

We have plenty of projects in the future so please don’t think it’s all over just yet.

Thank you very much and I’ll keep making things in the years to come.

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