I thought this was worth posting about. My friend Scoot has publicly launched a new website that contains all his works and I wanted to share it on my site since I’ve wanted to see him make a big comeback.


Please give him a visit, and from what I’ve heard his new episode will be coming soon so I hope to see it.

On a side note I’m looking to make a new layout for zeldalinkedgreen.com mostly because this layout is having weird glitches.


The Episode is going pretty well. I know it’s almost been a year since the last episode, but seeing as how this is the last battle for the series, and there are many fights to wrap up, I hope you’ll forgive me. As I’ve mentioned a little that I’m also working on a book for SpikerMan. I’m in the second draft, and making notes for what to add in the third draft, and I will soon have a sample chapter ready.

Some of these images are repeats, but I’ve not posted them here. Sadly I don’t think I can reveal any thing more than this without it going into spoiler territory.

Thank you again for your patience and support.

Ok so I got very very sick the last time…so let’s try again.

The live stream will consist of marathoning all my shows: Hero Returns, Coolo Eclipso, and Seven Dark Sorcerers on February 3rd and 4th at 2pm central time on both days.

They’ll be streamed on my youtube channel www.youtube.com/spikerman

During the stream we will have short breaks where I cut to myself taking questions in the comments, we may have Skype calls, and we will have give away items.

You must have a youtube account to comment, and when I start a giveaway I will give instructions to the commenters to say something, and I will pick someone at random. The person I pick will send me a private message with their address information so I can mail the give away item to them.

Hopefully it’ll all work, and I’ll see you then.